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Welcome to the Promo Video Express Blog. The following posts will help you to improve your video marketing, as well as keep up-to-date on the everchanging World of Video Marketing. Golden nuggets await!

Video Marketing for Lawyers: The Verdict Is In

You can WIN when it comes to Video Marketing for Lawyers. It's a great way to gain a competitive edge in the legal field. As a lawyer, marketing is crucial for building your practice and attracting new clients. In today's digital age, video marketing has become an...

What is a Promotional Video and Why are they used?

What is a Promotional Video? A Promotional Video "Promo Video" is a short video that promotes your business, products, or services. This type of content can be used to promote a product or service on social media, as well as on your website. When you're trying to get...

Small Business Video Marketing:
6 Reasons to go HARD in 2023

Small business video marketing is vitally important in this visual day & age. If your business hasn't even started taking advantage of video, then the cold hard truth is that you probably won't be in business for too much longer. The writing is on the wall, there's no...